“I absolutely feel relief from the heaviness that has plagued me. I feel much more delicate and soft. Your treatment helped me transition from being closed to being allowing, and the good things knocking on my door are finally coming in because I opened to it. Thank you!.”

– Joanie Rippe
Practice Manager – Santa Cruz

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finding peace in uncertain times

About Me

Welcome to those of you seeking something new… To thrive in your life with purpose, passion, clarity, and peace rather than living with overwhelm, busyness, anxiety, or self-doubt.
I am Allison: an energy alchemist, facilitator of change, guide, transitional coach, mentor, star seed, mother, yogi, and lover of life.
My unique medicine is to help you make peace with the uncertainty that is all around us and growing every day…learn to face it with confidence and grace, and learn to lean in to it…actually allow it to assist in your metamorphosis


There are a range of services available to facilitate significant growth.  If you are an individual and curious, but not sure where to start, a single energy alchemy session is the perfect place.  You will receive some start up coaching and an energy clearing to kick start transformation.  

For those looking for support through a bigger metamorphosis, one of the 12-week programs will provide both coaching and energy clearing weekly with additional guidance and support.   

The Passion Map program is for those looking to reconnect with the things that light them up (note this is help in person in Australia)

If you are an organisation looking for a tailored program, workshop, or facilitation, go to custom programs

Energy Alchemy sessions

Heart and Soul alignment program

12-week transformational package

One on one support

Passion Map Program

Custom Programs and workshops

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